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Computer Service and Repair for Tampa Bay Business
Network Support for Tampa Bay Business
Website Service, Design, Hosting, Marketing for Tampa Bay Business

Phone Numbers

Toll Free: 888-333-9340
Tampa Bay: 813-382-0019
Brandon: 813-382-0019


Networking Services

Networking Service
I.T. Service Contract
Network Installation
Network Administration
Office Moving
VPN Services

Server Support

Network Server Repair
Exchange Server Repair
VMware VSphere / ESX


I.T. Service Contract and Maintenance Plans

The majority of small and medium sized business owners think they are too small to have a service contract for their I.T. systems. The opposite is true, every business can benefit from having a managed service contract. Having a service contract allows your business to budget a fixed monthly cost for all of your computer and network service needs. This allows you to save money, reduce downtime and stay ahead of the competition in terms of technology.

In most cases, business owners call a local repair shop when they have computer trouble. The problem with this is you might get someone out to your office that isn't knowledgeable, which in turn costs you more money and downtime. With our service contracts you pay a set monthly price, so there is never any surprises. We have service contracts starting as low as $99 a month.


Service Contract Benefits

1. Save money and time, no I.T. staff on payroll.
2. Guaranteed to be at least what your paying now or less, with all the benefits.
3. Free phone support.
4. Free emergency / priority service.
5. Free offsite data backup for your office server.
6. Flat monthly budget for I.T.

Price Match Guarantee

We offer a price match guarantee for our service plans which means we guarantee that our price will not go over what your paying for I.T. now and in most cases we can save you money. To take advantage of this, just submit 3 months of I.T. related bills and we will send you a quote in writing with a guaranteed flat rate to cover everything.